Pleasuring Yourself A lot, A lot, A lot: ECarranza

What you see in this picture is a dedication to the Earl of Rochester and his poem  A Satyr Against Reason and Mankind. Although this picture looks relatively simple in its meaning, I think it highlights many of the arguments  Rochester makes about giving into one’s own inner beast or baser senses rather than denying them.

“For Wits  are treated just like common whores/First they are enjoyed  and then kick’d out of doors/”

These two lines  from Rochester’s poem say everything you need to know both about my photosponse and  Rochesters philosophy which is: as human beings we must cater to our Intellectual needs but more importantly to our baser animalistic needs as well.  A clear example of how I exemplify some of  Rochester’s  points are (most obviously) the dog’s head that is poking through the top of my bath rob. What I am trying to convey is how Rochester use the argument that as humans we have animalistic needs and wants and to deny these these truths is to deny our own human identity.

“Birds Feed on Birds, Beasts on each other pray/ But savage man alone does man betray/ Prest by necessity, They Kill for Food/Man Undoes Himself to Man/”

The food and cigar in this picture represent Rochester’s argument for indulging in the pleasures of the senses, giving in to one’s own vices and accepting our human selves fully. Finally, I chose to color this picture red to reinforce this sense of the “unnatural”…Why?  This is more a comment of how I read Rochester’s poem and how I feel about indulging in the pleasures of life as something sinful or just wrong. Rochester’s does a good job of pointing out the societal vice on refusing vices which begs the question: does Rochester have a point?


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