Man Made Paradise: KSmyth

In “The Deserted Village,” Oliver Goldsmith addresses his opinion about how perfectly good landscape is ruined when man meddles with it. In some cases this is true, but in this picture, it is indeed false. When forests are cut down in order to make roads, or national parks are made smaller to make room for cities are just a few examples of land being overtaken and ruined by man. My mother recently found this walking trail which is located at the end of the East Suffolk Rd. It is roughly eight to ten kilometers long and the entire trial winds and bends though the trees along a nice littler river; it is quite a remarkable place. Towards the end of the trail there is about a half of a kilometer which is shown in the picture above. It is clear when you walk through it that once upon a time an old farmer had purposely planted these trees as they are all perfectly aligned in multiple rows. Although in Goldsmith’s poem he argues that landscape and the beauty of nature can be ruined by man, this is definitely not the case. It might have taken twenty years, give or take, but a farmer put love and care into this piece of land which is now rows and rows of beautiful trees which is gorgeous to walk through. My mother recently lost sixty five pounds and it is because of this little piece of manmade hidden paradise that she loves so much, that she was able to walk this trail time and time again.


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