Aren’t we more than what we look like? SKyriakopoulos

The photo that I have taken is a representation of “Dressing Room Poems” by Jonathan Swift. The poem describes how Celia is a striking woman, and shows the process of what a woman must do in order to be so beautiful. There is such a great expectation of how women should dress and look. There is so much emphasize placed on women looking perfect all the time but men do not realize what is underneath it all. Men are so use to seeing perfection as a front that when they see the real ‘you’ without all the make-up they are repulsed. In the poem Swift uses Strephon to show Celia’s beauty but also reveals Strephon being disgusted with what it takes in order for a woman to make herself beautiful. He describes what he sees as he is exploring her dressing room and what he sees turns him off from women.

Society holds such high standards for what people, especially women should look like, dress like, and act like. As women the process of getting ready is not always easy but it is not a disgusting sight. Whether it takes you tons of make-up or little to make yourself feel or look beautiful, the process should not be viewed as repulsive. By Strephon describing what he sees in the dressing room Swift is showing the reader how women are so vain. Yet he also shows that men cannot see women as human beings.

The reason I chose to show a picture of a garbage can along with all the make-up is because it shows the messiness and disgust Stephon has while looking threw the dressing room. Women are expected to be prim and proper and look their best all the time but it takes a lot of work. There are so many expectations and everyone is always trying to look better then the next person. Just how Stephon is repulsed by what he is seeing in the dressing room, garbage cans are never a pretty sight and always a sight for sore eyes.


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