The Nauseating Truth, or The Fake Pedestal: JGallant

I chose this picture as a representation of the poem “Dressing Room Poems” by Jonathan Swift. This poem speaks of the beautiful Celia, and all the work that goes into making and keeping up her appearance. It also describes that the process can often be quite repulsive, and messy. I believe it shows the lengths people, especially women, will go to in order to present themselves to the world in the socially conceived idea of pretty.

There is a lot of effort and sweat put into creating this appearance, which Strephon finds as he peruses Celia’s room, finding an unappealing mess of frippery and waste wherever he looks. I believe we’re all a little superficial in some manner, and are all aware of being judged by others. We then let this judgment affect how we ourselves judge our own appearance. This judgment often makes us take extra steps in order to create the reaction we want from others about our appearance. Humans, myself included, enjoy feeling ‘pretty’, so we spend money on all sorts of material things, to make ourselves into our ‘best’ selves.  We buy products to give ourselves the ‘natural’ look, which is ridiculous because just being ourselves is much more natural than covering ourselves with makeup.  We try to conform to one idea of beauty, and that isn’t how humans were made. We were all made to be different.

What the poem really brings back is that we’re all human, we all have disgusting habits, and it’s not fair to place yourself or others on a pedestal. No one can keep up with those kinds of high standards, and to believe otherwise is rather ignorant, and unrealistic. We’re all different, yet we’re also similar because we’re all human.


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