The Disease of Greed: LPaul

We have looked at the issues of beauty with Mary Leapor’s, “Essay on Woman”, “The Negro’s Lament” by William Cowper, and “The Ruined Village” written by Oliver Goldsmith. Each one of these deals with the issues of wealth. For Mary Leapor it was how a woman’s beauty can be attributed to the amount of wealth that she possesses thus making one more beautiful in the eyes of a man. With “The Negro’s Lament” and all of the literature written to abolish slavery, we see that the entire slave trade was society’s greed to consume at a affordable cost. When we looked at Goldsmith’s “The Ruined Village” we are also confronted with the greed of man through enclosing and taking land.

When I was in a store I saw this container with the bio hazard warning label filled with needles, and it made me think of the society in which we live in. We are still constantly consuming everything in our path. We are the bio hazard to ourselves and our planet. Mary Leapor began taking apart society, yet we still haven’t changed for the better. We inject ourselves with poison, called Botox, to slow down the natural aging process. Instead of shipping slaves to do our work, we instead move factories to other countries and buy products with brand names made by children who in turn are paid pennies a day. We buy land and flood it, mine it, pollute it, steal it, and kill for it. Wars are raged for oil. We are a society corrupted with the disease of greed, justifying our wants with using the word NEED. We need everything and anything. We talk about the issues of wind power and the destruction of our view to the trees, forgetting in our greedy consumption, that saving the earth is more important than saving your view. In the great history of our civilization we can see that not much has changed at all. We talk, and we think, but mostly we propagate the disease of greed.


4 thoughts on “The Disease of Greed: LPaul

  1. I loved this vignette. I found myself agreeing with everything said. I really liked it. It made me step back and really think about the universal applicability of the message. Well done…;)

  2. You’ve hit the nail right on the head with this one!!!

    Yes we have abolished slavery but enslaved ourselves with greed,lust and unmitigated “needs”.
    Better we live by the motto,”Simple living and higher thinking.”

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