Beauty Is In the Eye of the Beholder: JLebel


The text that I chose to focus on for my photosponse is the poem Cassinus and Peter written by Jonathan Swift. The lines of the poem that go with my picture are:

O Peter! beauty’s but a varnish,

Which time and accidents will tarnish:

I chose those two lines primarily for the idea that beauty can be and is looked at as something that has a film over top of it that can wear off over time with things like natural aging or changing in seasons or environments. The big idea is that no matter how something looks to one person it may be beautiful at the present time, whereas to someone else it may be an idea that was beautiful in the past but is now tarnished due to the change this doesn’t mean it is necessarily ugly now. It’s just not the same level of beauty as before.  This can also be said in a way like “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” because everyone has a different perspective on the way something looks. Perception is what leads to how ideas are viewed. Swift shows us this by his writings and trying to show his readers that when someone is struggling with a disease such as small pox (where your body begins to undergoes a change that in the end alters your appearance). If you take time to put a little bit of work in your looks you can make a change, or if you just take a level of acceptance and accept your new look you can begin to become a new sense of beauty. Beauty is how each and every person perceives it which means someone might think one idea is beautiful and someone else may not agree. In the end there is no right answer because no one is going to see the same thing through the eyes of another person, it’s only the view you see that matters.

The idea behind a beauty being a varnish means that beauty is built in layers and overtime those layers are going to wear away and become not so beautiful.

The image itself represents the image of how even though the leaves are bloomed in their fall colours, those colours still represent something of beauty because the colour makes the leaves pop out, but yet these beautiful color comes about after the summer season of the leaves being in their full bloom prime. This means that the leaves are technically at the end of their life span however, they are more beautiful with age. In reality this makes that point that the full strength of the beauty comes about once the beauty has had a level of tarnish to it.


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