Man Differs More from Man than Man from Beast: SHamill

Rochester’s “Satyr Against Reason and Mankind” discusses very important and interesting ideas on what it means to be human, and the meanings of nature and reason. What is human nature? Are humans really all that different from animals? What separates humans from animals? All these questions arise while reading “Satyr Against Reason and Mankind”. Throughout the poem The Earl of Rochester attacks the idea of “reason” and states that it is doing humans no good. Reason is leading humans adrift in their pursuit of happiness, and it is also hindering natural instincts and making people arrogant and pompous. Rochester argues that instead of analyzing every aspect of your life, you should just enjoy life and seize the day. However, Rochester believes that there is such a thing as “right reason,” which is common sense. “My reason is my friend, yours is a cheat – Hunger calls out, my reason bids me eat;” demonstrates Rochester’s belief in “right reason.” So not ALL reason is bad, just the reason that leads us astray. Rochester then describes that humans will kill for greed and sport, and lie and manipulate others with our smiles and flattery, while animals and beast kill to survive. Humans wastefully kill, while animals kill because they need to. Rochester then states if he can find an ideal man, then he would retract all of his previous statements; however, Rochester believes that the average man acts in such ways, thus making mankind more beastly than we would like to believe. The photograph above demonstrates the beast within humankind. I have attempted to make my eyes look predator-like by making them look like cat eyes. This connects with the very last line of “Satyr Against Reason and Mankind” which is “Man differs more from man, than man from beast.” This simply means that humans are more like animals, than humans are to each other. This whole idea of humans being more like animals is what my photograph is trying to portray.


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